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Review Progarchives

This quartet has its homebase in the Netherlands and provides a very nice progressive art rock album with strong symphonic traces. Apart from the origin and the involved musicians there’s yet, at this time, not much known about LUNAR CLOCK. However, the debut album ‘The Scream Of Nature’ reflects a very intensive engagement in the works of Edvard Munch, a Norwegian painter. Alongside with the album title the cover art shows a clear reference to his probably most famous work ‘The Scream’ from 1895. All the ten songs are inspired by different paintings. When it comes to the particular deeper sense … they recently have started to describe their approach on the official facebook page.

Without exception all musicians are (inter)acting on a high level. Robin Boer serves fine lead vocals, the kick-off Frieze comes with great attitude definitely, while setting up an ambitious polyphonic presence. And moreover he rules while taking care of diversified keyboard stuff, oftenly symphonic tinged as noted beforehand. The second track Skrik aditionally adds a space ambient note, while the excellent A Winter Storm On Spring Blossom provides jazzy electric piano too, lively bass input and expressive guitar solo on top. And finally Part III of Metabolism puts another cherry on the cake.

Do not skip! Otherwise you might miss something. I would say there is not any centerpiece song given really. Many contemporary genre albums are provided with an extended title track, where the respective crew is willing to give all blood and sweat at once. Each and every song comes relatively short here, but I’m sure the concept includes that you absolutely should listen to the entire album in one go. Respect! LUNAR CLOCK have recorded an essential addition to your progressive rock collection.

Rivertree | 4/5  (visit Progarchives)

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