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Another accurate review, this time from CHINA!

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The music of the Canterbury Sound period can be viewed to be a kind of avant-garde rock mode that is very pleasing and inviting.

There is no excessive pursuit of avant-garde, but it actively absorbs elements from jazz and classical music to achieve rich layering and tension.

This album is a revival of the Voice of Canterbury.

The singing on the first song even has a taste of Gentle Giant.

With the help of modern mixing technology, the human voice is clearly divided into three positions on the left, middle and right. Layer upon layer, rich and beautiful.

Like all Canterbury Voices, they also borrowed a lot of jazz writing features, but because they were not improvised but finely composed in advance, the melody is smooth and pleasing, and there us no feeling of frequent out-of-tune jazz. There is also no such thing as “stacking scales for chords”.

Although there is less contingency, the meticulous writing makes the music more emotional.

At the same time, rich timbre is introduced into the music. While these sounds enrich the music, the pitch is also written in accordance with the harmony of the music instead of pure sound effects, thus creating this beauty with both jazz and classical characteristics. The sound is modern and traditional.

The use of drums in the entire album, especially the volume of snare drums, is very restrained, without the restlessness of rock music, but with a lot of dynamics showing full flexibility.

Especially the snare drum in the prelude to the song Bridge of Anxiety, the fast double jump, and the fluctuating playing dynamics directly bring the rhythm. The beauty of the real musical instrument is highlighted. (Unfortunately, more and more pop music doesn’t have the feeling of real performance and lack of such agility)

Let’s look back at the guitar playing in the fourth song ‘ A Winter Storm on Spring Blossom.’ In the large solo after 2 minutes, the overdrive tone used makes the sound hot and sweet, and the left and right parts of the two guitars alternately appear in response, and then gush out.

The only downside is that the sound mix is ​​relatively too modern and lacks a sense of space characteristic of old-fashioned music. With the clarity of modern music. This is of course a good thing, and maybe many people like this clear sound. However, I personally think that if the sound is wider and farther, it will make this album more beautiful.










特别是Bridge of Anxiety这首歌前奏的军鼓,快速的双跳,起伏的演奏力度,就直接带来了律动。真实演奏的乐器的美感凸显而出。(可惜越来越多的流行乐没有这种真实演奏的感觉了,也少了这种灵动)

我们回过头看一下第四首歌Awinter Storm on Spring Blossom中的吉他演奏。2分之后的大段solo,使用的过载音色使得声音热辣甜美,两把吉他左右两声部交替出现形成呼应,又喷涌而出。


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